Services in March

15 Mar 10.00am Preacher Rev Dr Murray Gow - The Knowledge of God 

15 Mar 5.00pm Preacher Rev Dr Murray Gow - Gift of Eternal Life COMMUNION SERVICE

22 Mar 10.00am Preacher Rev Dr Murray Gow - A Downward Spiral

22 Mar 5.00pm Preacher Rev Dr Murray Gow - Christ Lifted Up

29 Mar 10.00am Preacher Rev Dr Murray Gow - Meaning of Christ's Death

29 Mar 5.00pm Preacher Rev Dr Murray Gow - Christ's Death was for us

Services in April

3 April 8.45am March of Witness - meet at St Andrews

3 April 10.00am - GOOD FRIDAY - Combined Ecumenical Communion

5 April 10.00am EASTER DAY Rev Dr Murray Gow Power of the Resurrection

5 April 5.00pm Preacher Rev Dr Murray Gow - Christ is Risen


Service Times:

International Service:
* 10AM St Andrew's

Indonesian Service:
9.30AM Northshore
* 12Noon St Andrew's 

Evening Service:
5PM Contemporary Service

Weekly Activities:

Tuesdays 7.30pm 
Bible Study

Wednesdays 7.30pm 
Prayer Fellowship

Thursdays 5.30pm 
English Conversational Class & Bible Study

Saturdays 5pm 
Indonesian Bi-ligual Youth Fellowship


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Free Parking is available for Church activities on Mon - Fri 6pm until 6am, and on Saturdays and Sundays 24hours.  Entrance to carpark from Symond Street.

Welcome To Our Church Family

We are a multi-cultural church in Auckland city with a mission to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and to make Him known.

As a Church family, we consider the following to be fundamental to our Christian worship: The Empty Cross symbolizing Christ's Resurrection from Death on the Cross; The Open Bible recognizing the Inspired Word of God open for our daily instruction; And the Pulpit affirming that the preaching of God's Word is central to our Presbyterian tradition of Worship.

Welcome to our Church family. 

About us

Historically, we are the oldest Presbyterian congregation in Auckland. We date our beginnings from 4th May 1847. Construction of the Church building commenced in December of that year. The Church finally opened for public worship on 7th April 1850 and we have been worshipping here every Sunday since then.

St. Andrew's comprises English and Indonesian speaking components with separate language services available for each group. We come from all over the greater Auckland area because we find a special ministry here in this place along with a warm and caring fellowship.